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Quito K.A. Kayakers
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Aims of the club

Quito K.A. Kayak and Whitewater Club aims to bring like-minded environmentally conscious people together to participate in social kayaking and rafting trips. The focus is neither on selling nor promoting individual agencies nor guides.

Quito K.A. Kayak and Whitewater Club is an informal group of paddling enthusiasts. The club does not hold meetings, has no secretary and no chairman. Club members meet on the water or over a cold beer after a day on the water. The club does however have an unofficial office and meeting rooms . Quito K.A. Kayak and Whitewater club and its members handle all administrative functions. The organization, the provision of trip leaders, the monthly newsletters, the design and maintenance of the website, etc. are done by or arranged through the club. Ideally we would arrange a big weekend trip every 2 or 3 weeks, and of course individuals can email other members to arrange more informal outings as and when. 

The focus of the club is to get paddlers to:

  • Regularly use their kayaks
  • Meet other paddlers
  • Gain experience
  • Introduce more people to the sport
  • Be environmentally aware
  • Improve the safety of the sport
  • And have fun
  • Also to promote Ecuador as a great whitewater destination to other kayak clubs!



Membership fees would eventually need to be introduced but for the time being we should be ok as an informal group although we would ask that if you join you are willing to help us develop the club, run trips, join us for social events and so on!

How the club started.....May 2002
Chever, Dom, Rick, Brian, Antonia, Caz, Tarquino, Gynner ...and then - Alex!

For more info about the club call Danny Carrera on 593 9 8216827
Or the Crossroads Hostal on Juan Leon Mera and Foch - another place you will meet the kayakers! 

 Have fun!

 The Quito K.A. Kayak club website was written by Caz . I hope to update it at least monthly so please do let umeknow if you have info to add.  If you have any comments or feedback please send it to Danny on 09 8216827 Alternatively email

Remember all we want to do is have fun, be safe and enjoy the great waters of Ecuador!